Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waiting: Moments Prepare for Milestones

Yesterday, Beth Moore shared in our local Bible study how important it is to handle the MOMENTS in life as we prepare for the MILESTONES of life.

That resonated with me so much. I started a diet this fall. Each day I have moments of choice: eat this fattening, unhealthy thing (did I mention it is Halloween candy time?) or choose to eat what is good for my body.

Those moments are leading me back to God. This is not merely a diet. This is a spiritual struggle for me. Food is a stronghold in my life. Since high school I have used food as comfort when rejected by friends, when not getting a date for prom, when feeling stress, when studying for exams in college. I could handle being overweight because food became my comfort. That is not God's plan. I knew that in my heart.

And then all those years of eating caught up with me in one awful word, "Menopause!" When I was a young woman, I thought the roll around the middle was just lack of discipline on the part of elderly women. Ha! The joke is on me! In addition to the fat roll, health issues raised their ugly heads. Satan's lies became clearer than ever. The comfort I took in food turned to discomfort in clothing and eventually in disease. Comfort in food resulted in discomfort in life. My insecurities about appearance and abilities grew as the roll around my middle increased.

So I am going moment to moment learning to depend upon God as my comfort, God as my source of happiness and fulfillment.

It isn't easy. It is HARD! I mean the food is there...visible...tasty (AND DID I MENTION IT IS HALLOWEEN?). God, I can not see or feel in this physical world. Chocolate, on the other hand, has such a clear, loud voice calling me over and over. Choosing God though in those moments of temptation is helping me learn how to handle the milestone of waiting. Waiting for the cravings to pass. Waiting for the weight to leave. Waiting for God's direction. Waiting.

Anyone else waiting between moments as you prepare for milestones? You are not alone. God is right there in each moment. "No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear....He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it" (1 Corinthians 10:13-NIV).

As the holday feasts approach, I'll be looking for those "ways out" as I wait on His promise.

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  1. Oh, Gretchen, it IS Halloween!! AAaaargh!! I, too, love chocolate. And, an emotional eater. A boredom eater. A SEASONAL eater!! I KNOW my body would be so much better off if I could more of the GO(o)D food in my mouth rather than the 'good' food in my mouth. God's food does make me feel so much better when I make the choice to eat it.. fresh, steamed broccoli, a baked sweet potato vs. a white baked potato, grilled chicken vs. fried... But, OH, that chocolate!! Tabby told me about this WONDERFUL dark chocolate with sea salt in it from the World Market so I picked some up (along with thinking my laptop had been stolen while in there - - it didn't, but, long story!! Stressful stop!) She described to me exactly how to eat it so I would get the most out of it. Well, her description made my mouth water until... she got to the part where she said eat only a bite (A BITE?!?) and savor it and save the rest for later!!! Well, Gretchen, just a bite just didn't work very well for me!! (I haven't told her this, but expect she'll read this :-) ) I need God's help with this one, that's for sure!
    On a more serious note, I'll be thinking of you throughout the holidays and, too, looking for those 'ways out' as I wait on my willpower I can only get from God's help. He knows more than anyone how urgently I need to eat healthier..