Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deer in Headlights!

Have you ever had that moment? That "Deer-Caught-in-Headlights" moment?


It happened to me today.

Today, my Bible study friends and I were celebrating the end of a 7-month journey through learning how to Break Free of strongholds in our lives. Isaiah 61:1-4 was our song. All dressed up (yes, I showered even) and ready for a last luncheon, I got comfortable in my chair, ready for Beth Moore's parting words to all the ladies gathered.

Then the call came. My phone vibrated (yes, I remembered to turn it off during the video of Beth). Picking it up, I heard news I had prayed would be delayed. My new temporary job was to start within an hour.

Within an hour?
It was not supposed to start until March 28th!

The teacher I am going to substitute for until the end of the year needed to go on bed rest NOW. She was experiencing labor pains.

I was not ready. I needed a little more time to be comfortable with the hardware, the software, the schedule, the names of the students, the system.... In addition my husband went out of town today. I have no help for the errands for my daughter. I have doctors' appointments scheduled, a kitchen being gutted in my home...car appointments...all of this was going to be taken care of by March 28! How in the world can I do this on short notice?

Then it hit me. That whisper of a voice in my mind, firm, but loving.

"Gretchen, I have been preparing you for these moments for over a year. You like to control your life so much. You plan and plan. Haven't you learned anything? That teacher's baby is coming on MY time, not yours. You are ready, as ready as ever, because you are finally learning to trust in Me. Let me do this with you today. Let go of this stronghold. Trust me."

So I left the last luncheon celebration, not even able to say good-bye to the many new friends I had made over 7 months. I rushed to the school.

And you know what?

God did it! I was still standing at 3:15.
I can do this one day at a time.
It wasn't easy. It might never be easy.

-But God is walking me through it!

How about you? What are your deer-in-headlights times? Are you ready to trust Him?

I hope so. Also, please, pray for me and for the teacher and her baby as well as for the young people as I help them end their school year successfully.


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