Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Croc!

The snow is melting quickly here in St. Louis after yesterday's strange blizzard of over six inches (seemed like at least a foot to me). The buds are still on the trees surviving winter's last attempt to stay longer.

As I continue to unpack and ease back into the routine of life after a wonderful spring break in Florida, I can't help but stop and review the few pictures we took while there.

I had always heard about the alligator problem in Florida, but being on the beach, I naively thought it would not be a concern. On the contrary, our first day in Sanibel, we stopped to see a strange sight for our Missouri eyes.

On a log next to the bike path rested a small alligator (unlike the large one in the picture). The strange sight was that it rested its head on top of two turtles. All three basked in the sun. I thought, in just a few minutes the turtles will turn into food for that alligator whose crooked smile seemed to mock the whole scene.

Later that day, I spied an alligator swimming next to our condo in the small pond where a once inviting hammock had beckoned us. No longer, I assure you. That is the small picture I took with my cell phone. He glided by eyeing me as cautiously as I did him, all six feet of him.

I saw signs everywhere warning tourists not to feed the alligators, or is it crocodile? Even pretending to feed one of these creatures would result in $600.00 fine and 6 months in prison.

On the local news, I watched the debate about what to do with these creatures in the Sanibel area after one local woman had been killed by one while trimming her bushes. Pros and cons were offered as people were encouraged to vote on the matter.

After reflecting on how the turtles seemed to be so nonchalant about their precarious position with the alligator (or is it crocodile), I realized how I, too, sometimes rest on what I think is so harmless in this world only to be in danger by it later.

For example, it seems so harmless to watch television shows that promote (and I do mean promote) world views on life styles I know God does not condone. It seems so harmless to pass on that juicy piece of information about a member of my community or church when I know if the person were in the room, I would not do so. It seems so harmless to eat that second piece of cake from the Bubble Room in Sanibel (I confess it was no mere piece of cake either) since I was celebrating my anniversary and had been so diligent on my new diet. I knew that overeating was a sin in God's eyes and bad for my heart and brain.

Like the turtles, I can naively assume I am in control of the situation and no danger exist for me as long as I just stay a little longer, enjoy the moment a little more.

Snap! It's a croc!

For His glory,

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