Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhogs and Dragons...

Yes, today is Groundhog Day. Yeah! I am certain your internet is filled with pictures of "Phil" and the happy news that spring is just around the corner because he did not see his shadow.

Here in St. Louis, though, the sun sparkles the blowing snow from our trees in the air like fairy dust.

A beautiful sight...yet even more beautiful is the sight of the blizzard that wasn't.

I am happy to say I did not need the generator that was stolen from me at Home Depot. (Well, I really hadn't bought it yet, but was getting ready to do so when a desperate person took my cart in a sense it was stolen....)

The National Guard has left and the regular programs are back on television. I really did ask God to move that blizzard (never had there been one predicted in St. Louis history until yesterday)or just stop it in its tracks so no one would be hurt.

It was amazing to watch the computer-generated swirl of white on the television screen make its way from Kansas toward St. Louis throughout the day only to see it veer North and somewhat dissipate. I heard from many about their 8-12 inches of snow while I shared stories of our 3 inches of sleet and one inch of powder.

AmernUE reported very few power outages. 911 calls were few and far between. The highways and streets were mostly empty all day.

Soooo today I am praising God for sparing our community from power outages, accidents, and the need for generators.

Today, as I see the sun, I do wonder about St. Louis' groundhogs and our future weather. I must admit, though, I hope I have learned my lesson about putting my faith in man and tending to panic rather than trust in God for His protection.

Nope, I won't put my faith in groundhogs today, (sorry, Phil, and Bill Murray). I will try my best to trust God and His plan for us today.

Speaking of plans, today is also New Year's Eve for my daughter who is from China. Like traditions for groundhog day, we have fun with dressing in red, sweeping the house, handing out red bags with Chinese coins, and feasting while saying, "Gong Zee," (my pronunciation only..sorry). We will have firecrackers(or sparklers) tonight and enjoy two weeks of feasting on wonderful Chinese dumplings and noodles (trying not to break them as we slurp). The dragon will dance once again and the Year of the Rabbit will begin.

In our hearts, though, we will remember (like the song), we will remember the truth of Jesus. He is no myth. He does not produce fear or panic in our hearts. His peace is ours. His love is real.

Blessings and Gong Hay Fat Choy,

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