Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is the Stuff

I tried to download a video of this song for you. The lyrics are so good. I don't think it worked (yep, I guess I am technologically challenged...STILL). If you can, google Fransceca Battistelli's song, "This is the Stuff."

I am not a pop rock person, but this catchy tune and lyrics have me humming and smiling long after I hear it. This song just captures the daily life of Christians who are in between significant events in life. I encourage you to view it or listen to it. The lyrics talk about how the daily things in life can help us forget how blessed we are to be in the present.

We can miss God's blessings as we wish IF ONLY or WHAT IF.

I did an exercise the other day that really helped me get past the cliche of "it is important to live in the present." I mean, I have heard "live in the moment" or "don't wish your life away" so often, haven't you?

The author of EMBRACING YOUR SECOND CALLING asked me to draw 3 circles: Past, Present, Future. The she asked me which one took most of my attention and fear and consumed my thoughts the most.

I have to admit the PRESENT came in LAST. Then she pointed out how the only place one can truly live in a relationship with God is in the present circle.

I think I have missed God's blessings in the present so often in life as I focus on the stuff: losing my keys, "call me cause I misplaced my cell phone AGAIN," going 45 in a 35 zone and seeing the police car behind me when I run late, preparing for tax time....

Instead, I am to look for what God has in the times I am most frustrated. I have been missing the blessings of being able to drive, go to the grocery store, clean my house myself, dress myself, hear my daughter laugh, read a book (even with readers), listen to a sermon on my Ipod, feel the cool air outside, see the sun peek through the clouds....so, so much I have been missing as I whine to God about the stuff of life.

Forgive me, Father, for missing your blessings each day. Forgive me for whining like the Israelites in the desert about the manna you have provided and the water of life you have given me.

How about you? What stuff is blocking your view of heaven today? Join me in counting our blessings, one-by-one, won't you? (and don't forget to listen to her song...she is so young, but it will really cheer you up...in the present)

For His glory,


  1. I have liked Francesca's music for nearly three years. She has a song where she thanks God for the Time in Between. Plus, her song "Beautiful, Beautiful" is just that.

  2. I love this song! Its been out weeks and I turn it up everytime it comes on! I forget "how big I'm blessed"!!! Thanks Gretchen!