Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here! Hoping You are, too!


I'm still here!

Nope, the rapture did not happen!

The end of the world did not happen!

Did I expect it to happen?

Not really.

As a child, though, when I first heard about the end times and the Rapture of the Church and Believers, I admit I became afraid. I never felt certain Jesus would take me home with Him before the tribulation. I always felt I wasn't good enough, or that my sins of that day would keep me out of heaven.

I know better now, thanks to the Bible. -But I tell you as a child whenever the house became too still, or when I could not locate Mom or Dad immediately (they were usually in the back yard), I pictured the Rapture occurring and imagined I had been left behind to be on my own.

Recently I shared with you how one atheist decided to capitalize on the recent rumors of the end of the world or rapture by offering to dog sit for people who go to heaven and leave their pets behind with the non believers.

While laughing about that paradox, I was amazed at the attention this proclamation of END TIMES received.

Didn't people read the Bible? It does give us a glimpse of our ending but teaches very clearly that we will NOT know when Christ will return, not the day nor hour. In fact, He could return in the blink of an eye.

It reminds me of a baby I watched at the Missouri Botanical Gardens today. There is a play area where the water pops up in unexpected streams soaking delighted children eager to cool down from the heat and humidity of the Midwest.

One mother took off the shoes and socks of her just-learning-to walk-son and set him free on the liquid obstacle course. All of us laughed as he was surprised by the first blast of water. Our entertainment continued as the baby became determined with his chubby hands to grab the water and control it. As soon as he did, the water disappeared much to his confusion and frustration.

Like the baby, we can not predict the timing of Christ's return. There are signs that the time is closer. That is evident in Revelation. -But to give the exact day and hour is like the baby trying to hold the streams of water tightly in his fists.

I do look forward to Jesus returning. I look forward to seeing my mother and father and grandparents once again knowing we will never be separated. I look forward to having all of my faults and pride and problems gone forever. I look forward to being enveloped in Jesus' love.

I look forward.

How about you? Did you think of today's possibilities with dread or excitement?
Hope you join me in looking forward.

For His glory,

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