Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Birds are Singing!

Today's devotional is a simple one.

In light of all of the news lately, I need simple.

Don't you?

Tornados and death and CIA operations are rightfully on the headlines.

--Yet, no matter the news, there is singing outside my window. I have not heard this singing for many months. It awakens me each morning and is continuing as I write this note.

The cardinals and robins and of course my little mockingbird in the front yard are in full song. While I moan and complain over a gloomy, rainier than average past month of April, they are rejoicing! Worms, worms, and more worms for them appear on sidewalks and in the grass!

One bold cardinal and his mate land each day on my deck cautiously watching my large Golden Doodle. Cocking their heads side to side in small, jerky motions, they hop closer and closer to her dog bowl. Eventually, they dive in taking her left over morsels of dry food.

Much to my dog's dismay, I admit I enjoy the show and make no attempt to stop their bold forays into her food.

This world is not easy. I realize that more and more each day when I wake up with yet one more ache or pain from aging.

-Yet the birds are singing.

Their song reminds me of my own mother. She used to sing me a song that I now sing to my own daughter. It seems to resonate with children especially, perhaps because of its simplicity. When she is upset or sleepy in my arms at night, she asks me to sing the "bird song."

The lyrics are like this,
The birds up in the tree top sing this song.
The angels sing the chorus all day long.
The flowers in the garden sing it, too.
So why shouldn't you,
Why shouldn't I,
Praise Him, too?

So, Dear Reader,
The birds are singing in spite of storms, in spite of floods, in spite of war.
Let's join them.
Let's praise Him, too.

For His Glory,

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