Monday, May 30, 2011

Zedekiah's Cave!

I love a good mystery!

I found out at my recent garage sale, not everyone does. Loving a mystery writer who provides stories in a series, I provided all of my M.C. Beaton, Ann Purser, and various other Scottish and British writer series for sale. Nothing was moving. Finally, a police car pulled into our driveway. I thought there is no way a police officer wants to read about mysteries after dealing with such all day long. Much to my surprise, he pulled me aside and told me his wife ran a book club for those who loved mystery books, and would I consider selling several at reduced price?
Thrilled to find such kinship in a neighbor, I gave him as many as he could carry.

Oh, I know, many of you may think it is just brain candy. As a former English teacher, I have read the "deep-thought-provoking-humanity-revealing" books. I have joined book clubs and discussed the philosophical implications as well as judged literary techniques used in various passages.

Yet, I have to admit, for this time of life, I just enjoy sitting down to a well written mystery book and trying to solve the crime before the author reveals it. I have gone back to my childhood days where I started with Nancy Drew and read under the covers with a flashlight long after my mother told me to go to bed. The Tin Tin graphic novel series even thrilled me (and I am ecstatic to learn Spielberg is going to release the movie this winter)!

Yes, I love a good mystery. That is why today's headline on the internet news drew my attention.

The picture is of King Zedekiah's cave in Jerusalem. It seems this cave leads to an ancient city underneath the busy streets of Jerusalem. Archeologist are discovering more and more tunnels and evidence of a Jewish city. People can walk under the streets and see it for themselves and come out miles later into a busy shopping area above ground.

It was named after King Zedekiah tried to hide in the cave from the siege of the Babylonians. The caves supposedly date back to King Solomon.

Something hidden underneath. A mystery waiting to be uncovered.

I like that.

I believe that is so much like God to me.

I can forget His mystery and depend so easily on what I see, what I experience, what my senses tell me while all along He is working in, about, around, and under me, unseen.

I am going to rely on that Unseen Hand of Love and Protection this week.

How about you? Are you enjoying the mystery of God this week?

I pray you are.

For His glory,

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