Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Apology Note

Friday night I had an amazing experience!

It was my first time to receive a note of apology from my daughter.

For those of you who have ever received a note of apology when wronged you know it is such a relief, isn't it?

Even if you forgive the person without an apology, the note just released something inside of you, such love, such happiness!

No, not because I want to prove I am right, but because the note shows the person cares enough about my feelings and doing what is right...that I actually matter.

It matters that I was hurt.

So, Friday night, after scolding my daughter for something I was disappointed in her doing, or rather not doing (sin of omission is sometimes worse), I went to my room sad that the weekend had started on such a sour note. I doubted if she understood the expectations that we talked about in choosing to do the right thing even if no one tells you to do it.

Then she shyly came to me and said, "Mama, you need to go on a treasure hunt! Come cold....keep're burning up! Right under your pillow, see?"

Under my pillow on my bed was the sweetest letter with a picture of a big heart and me in the center of it saying she was sorry and would do better next time.

She got it! She understood! She felt regret! I floated around the house the rest of the night! She and I hugged and felt such lightness and happiness as our relationship deepened. We laughed and played games that night like never before.

Then it hit me. This is how God feels when I tell Him I am sorry for my own actions. He knows He matters to me. I want to please Him. He loves it when I get it!

How about you? Any notes of apology to God lately?

He will be so pleased.

For His Glory,

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