Saturday, April 30, 2011

Resting in God's Hands

I could not sleep the other night.

Have you ever had a night like that?

Yes, we had another night of storms. A loud bang! against the side of the house did not help my already established insomnia.

(I later discovered a piece of our vent frame to the attic in our bushes as a result of the storm.)

I tossed and turned all night.

In the darkness of the room lit with the occassional flash of lightning from outside, my thoughts turned as gloomy as the weather.

I began to worry.

I worried about finances, future, family.

I looked at the clock.

Each hour creeping by increased my anxiety.

Then I remembered.

God's Word gives rest and peace.

I forced my brain to begin recalling Scriptures and directions from the Bible. Within minutes I fell asleep.

Yet, within minutes the alarm startled me to go to work.

How foolish I felt! I had wasted hours during the night in worry. I could have had a great night's rest by just focusing on God's Word.

As my daughter's picture illustrates, true peace and rest in the middle of storms and life's stresses will come from resting in God's Hand. --in His Word.

How about you? Are you resting in Jesus tonight? I pray you do...

For His Glory,

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