Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suspicious Minds No More...

Today, something occurred to me for the first time about heaven.

After hearing that my husband's Uncle John died last night, I really was amazed at God's timing. You see two months earlier, God had put Uncle John on my heart and mind. I was supposed to send him a letter of testimony and a book about my own mother's faith in Jesus.

I admit I did not want to do so. John was a judge in California. His lifestyle and values were much different from mine. All our lives we enjoyed John's presence but never talked about God to him. I am ashamed to admit this.

Nevertheless, I did as I felt prompted in February. I sent the letter and the book after much prayer. Not much later, John called and told me an amazing thing, "Gretchen, if someone didn't believe in Jesus before, they certainly would now!"

He was not in the hospital at that time. At that time, I did not know why God had me send that message. Now, I do. This past month, John went into the hospital and declined rapidly.

God's timing is to be obeyed.

Sometimes, though, I am suspicious when receiving such direction, aren't you?

I mean, don't you sometimes worry that you are acting on your own will or prompting and going to seem foolish? I admit I do.

What an honor though to be God's messenger! His Holy Spirit did the work. God just tested me and asked me to send His Word for God's harvest.

What if I had been too suspicious, too doubtful, too analytical and not sent the letter? I am sure God would have found another servant to do so, but I would have missed God's blessing and message to me as a result.

Another view of suspicious minds also occurred to me today. I was driving, and someone would not take turns at the 4-way-stop. I am one of those creatures who assumes the worst very often. I am suspicious of motives and actions and, as my husband has warned me, too often think someone is being mean to me when it may be just an innocent act. I, of course, thought this person pulling out in front and honking was doing so as a mean act to me. How silly of me!

How often do I assume a phone call not returned is a deliberate act of someone ignoring me? or that someone butting in line at the store realizes I was there first? or....

Then it hit me....In heaven, we will be like Jesus. What will my life be like knowing there is no mean act in heaven? No person will do something to hurt another. Everyone will be working to the glory of God and helping each other.

Wow! I guess I need to start practicing what that feels like now and give up my suspicious mind.

Trust God's voice.
Lean not to thine own understanding.
Love one another.

For His Glory,

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