Saturday, August 20, 2011

August: That In Between Month of the Year...

This blog is all about the in between times of life.

I think August should be the month crowned THE in between month of the year, don't you? It seems like all I want to do is clean windows and the house because things seem to be turning dull and brown.

Funny, I don't think it's my windows. It is the month, August.

You can hear things dieing down, literally.

The brown grass, yellowing weeds, duller green of trees, and the shorter days....

The pool no longer entices children nor the swimming holes at the lakes.

I don't hear flashlight tag results from giggles in backyards nor see the bobbing of jars as little ones try to capture lightning bugs.

Stores are trying to rush this in between season, as usual. August doesn't offer much for holiday shopping or events.

I already noticed our local Dierbergs displayed the bags of solid sugar Brachs pumpkins by the check-out counters.

Target and Wal Mart are putting up Halloween decorations as well. Home Goods stores have the festive black and orange cats, witches, Jack o Lanterns at the front entrance hoping for early purchase.

With Halloween decorations out, we know it won't be two minutes into November 1 before Christmas takes over stores.

What to do with the month of August is the dilemma. It is not a popular vacation month, although if you live in the MidWest, it is an incentive to go anywhere else to escape its fierce heat and humidity!

My siblings and I though do feel a particular twinge during this time of August. We share a common celebration that month always brought into our lives, our mother's birthday.

It seems Ruby would start celebrating her birthday August 1st and continue throughout the month by being treated to lunches, coffees, and receiving numerous cards. Did I say numerous? I am sorry. It was a pure understatement. When she was 84, Ruby still received more birthday cards than the President! They just poured in from every where.

I remember the Christmas she came to live with me, I marveled at her Christmas cards. How could someone who outlived her husband and many friends, left her small hometown continue to be remembered by so very many people?

To me that was a miracle. My mother loved life. Even when so much of it was robbed of her through Parkinson's, she loved seeing people.

So on August 19th, her birthday, I threw a party. None of the guests knew it was her birthday. Unless they read this blog, they will continue not to know. It was my little secret.

I held a luncheon for 15 ladies, moms of my daughter's grade level who could come. Half of them worked, the other half were able to get together to start off the school year, say good-bye to the summer and reconnect with our support system needed during the school year.

We prayed, laughed, ate, even cried a little as we shared stories about our children. It was a great couple of hours.

All during the luncheon, as I poured tea, refilled chicken salads and replinished muffins, I thought how much fun Mom would be having in the middle of all of this. She would be playing the piano, leading songs, giggling hard at others' stories, and soaking up the friendship.

August is an in between month, unless you knew Ruby Jack. Then it was a month of celebrating a very special life on this earth.

I know. I know. In heaven she is having even a better time than ever before, plus she has no Parkinson's to hold her back from laughing, running, even talking and singing.

Even though I know that, I miss her. I am so very grateful for her life and influence.

Yesterday was a good way to celebrate her life while serving others.

I think I have found a new tradition for my future August 19th's, don't you?

If you ever get an invitation to come to my home for lunch on that day, you'll know the secret as to why.

Oh, and of course, there is a Scripture related to all of this; it is a devotional. It is the Scripture God had me read to my mother in December 2009, one month before she died.
Isaiah it's great...right now though, after a year of grieving I like this part: They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devasted. They will renew the ruined cities that have been devestated for generations. I delight greatly in the Lord....he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness....

How about you? Have you had a rough season of life? Are you moving with God toward healing either physically, spiritually, or emotionally? He is renewing your life. It is a time for celebration.

Join me in celebrating life this remaining part of August, an in between month.

For His Glory,

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