Thursday, August 4, 2011

Edison Did NOT Invent the LIghtbulb?!

We all know about the amazing story of Thomas Edison.

Or at least I thought I did until today.

My husband came home from a conference fired up with ideas and stories which signaled to me it was a good conference for a change.

One of the stories shared was that the light bulb had been invented 70 YEARS BEFORE Edison got ahold of it.

The problem with the light bulb was that it was TOO BRIGHT to use in homes. It was so bright it would be used to illuminate mines or other such places of extreme darkness, but not homes.

For 70 years, inventors worked with it to make the invention work for the average home.

Then Thomas Edison, genius, came along and vowed to make it work within three months.

He failed.

We know his response to repeated failures as well. Something like I now know 5000 ways it doesn't work rather than looking at 5000 failures.

But what I did not know was that Edison then gathered a team of experts, other brilliant people, and worked once more on the project. Within nine months, the lightbulb was "invented."

Seventy years. Three months. No success.

Seventy years. Nine months. Success.

The difference, of course, for the speaker at the conference was TEAMWORK. Surrounding ones self with brilliant, dedicated folks makes a difference.

The work place is not the only area where having others with you is deemed as important. Jesus spoke of this in the Bible, the importance of being a member of the body of believers. It is not only important to the individual but also to the entire body.

When one part of the body hurts, the entire body tends to focus on it. I know when I stub my toe, my entire body can think of nothing else but finding relief, and quickly!

Likewise, the body of believers must lift each other up, when hurting, when healing, when grieving, when celebrating. We are to encourage one another in Christ. We grow in our faith around other believers.

Where two or three are gathered in my name....I will be there. Jesus reminded us before He sent His Holy Spirit how important it was to be with other Christians.

This does not mean we worship or focus only on others. We are, after all, only human, and we have many faults, and like Edison, failures, no matter how talented or smart we think we are.

Yet, it is important as a matter of faith to see ourselves as members of one body, helping each other, not isolated, just as my toe or finger or hand can not be isolated effectively from my body.

So, thanks to the Edison story, I have yet another analogy for my old brain to consider. I look forward to meeting with my sisters in Christ, to attending church this Sunday, and to Bible study as a family.

Who knows what amazing insights may come as a result? Eh, Edison?

For His Glory,

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  1. Our pastor just started a teaching on this, branching out from our One Year Bible reading schedule in Romans going into 1Corinthians.Yes,we need to unite and encourage our family in Christ!