Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monkey See; Monkey Do!

Do you remember playing this as a kid?

My daughter loved to mimic my actions, yet when I did the same thing to her, it wasn't long before I heard, "Mommmmmm, stop!"

If I parroted the actions of my brother or sister, they, too, would soon complain, "Mommmmm, Gretchen is copying me! Make her stop!"

I wonder what we would do if we realized people were really copying our actions as adults though?

Paul writes about the importance of our actions as Christians in that while we are still a part of this world, we are not to participate in or do things that could cause others to stray from God.

So tomorrow as you join me in your daily routine, stop a moment, and just consider, what do our actions reflect about God's love?

Hopefully, people won't be watching as closely as the video clip.

For His Glory,

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