Sunday, August 28, 2011

God's Watching Me?

Last night was one of those just fun family nights that I hope to remember when I am old (er).

After listening to Erin Brody's Norah Ephron-like voice at a free concert in our local park, we returned home to cook pizza, build a fire in the back yard, and make smore's. Great invention there. The SMORES, I mean.

As the stars popped out and the tree frogs added their own version of song, my daughter crawled into my lap to discuss her favorite music.

She particularly is enjoying the lyrics to "This is the Stuff." The kids are singing it in their school choir. As she was singing the lyrics to me, she stopped and said, "That is so like you, Mamma!"

Laughing with her, I agreed. I lose my keys or phone once a week and have done something similar to that most of my life.

The problem is that I don't handle it well. I panic. I tear the house or car or purse apart begging to find the precious item. It seems I would learn how to handle that by now. -How to trust God and not panic so much.

Then my daughter said something even funnier. She said, "I imagine God sees you losing something again and tells everyone to wait while He gets His popcorn cause 'this is gonna be good. Here she goes again.'"

While my husband and I found this quite amusing, I started reflecting on how do I envision God watching me daily, my reactions, my actions, my life? Do I see Him invovled or just sitting back and watching, eating a metaphorical buttered popcorn, as I deal with life?

What does the Bible say about this?

Reflecting on Scriptures, there are many references where Jesus asks us to lean on Him, to trust Him, not to have anxiety, that He is with us, to ask Him, to tell Him, that His burden is light.... Even Jesus' parables point to relationships like those of father-to-son, close, bonds of love.

So I don't think, as tempting as it may be to watch yet another rerun of the "Gretchen Panics Show," God is just sitting back. He is completely involved, talking, arranging, reminding, prompting, and helping.

How about you? How do you see God? Is He a Santa figure watching your life through a magical ball or from a distance? Or is He with you even now as you read this little devotional blog...

For His Glory,

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