Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holy Ground

Today, I was humbled.

Today, I knew I was on holy ground.

I know what Moses must have felt when God said in Exodus, "Remove your sandals, for the ground you are standing on is holy."

I wanted to take off my shoes, kneel, and cover my face.

This did not happen in a place with a special vista. It was just a little room in our school

This did not happen with great fanfare. It was a regular time of prayer set aside for mothers to pray for their children at the school. We meet every Wednesday morning after dropping off our children.

As usual we went over the list of prayer requests submitted by family members. We lifted each one to God. We prayed for the children as they walked by our little room to chapel.

Then, just when I thought we were closing one mother began to pour out her heart to God.

The words were pure, sincere, sweet. I thought I should not be here listening to this. It was such an intimate moment between her and her Lord. As she continued to share her heart with God, His spirit filled our hearts, the room; I felt it could not be contained. It almost became painful.

The Bible tells us that where two or three are gathered in His name, He would be there. He was there this morning.

I wish I could describe the moment. All I can say is that it felt like I was on holy ground. I did not feel like rejoicing or shouting. I felt small, humbled, and definitely in awe.

I felt like the clay in the presence of the Potter.

When is the last time you felt you were on Holy Ground? Do you understand what I am trying to describe?

Spending time in prayer, more than the 5 minutes in the car, more than the 1 minute saying good-night, will lead you to Holy Ground.

Join me there, won't you?

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  1. God has a way of showing up where and when we are not expecting it!