Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

"MOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Come quick! It's bleeding!"

Nothing stops a mother's heart like those words, right? After racing to my 9-year old's side, I was relieved to find her holding up a tooth she had just pulled herself. Applying a cold washcloth and discussing the money from the tooth fairy that night erased all her worries about the gaping hole she now sported in her smile.

It reminded me of when she lost her first tooth. I didn't get to see it happen.
I didn't even get to see the tooth.

My daughter had begged for a play date with her best friend for weeks. Finally I capitulated with all the worries a mother usually has for a 6-year old. Knowing the friends' parents were doctors helped calm my worries about this first play date.

Of course, the little friend was eager to mimic her parents and perform surgery on anyone willing to be the patient. With delight she discovered the wiggly tooth my daughter had been working on for days.

You guessed it. My daughter's friend "operated" on the tooth as blood went all over the bathroom. In addition to the surgery, or as a result of it, the first grader tried washing up the mess herself. My daughter screamed as her first tooth, her first chance at gaining money from the tooth fairy slipped out of their fingers and down the drain.

Later that night, my little girl wrote a short letter trying to explain to the tooth fairy what had happened. Not confident,she also crafted a fake tooth from paper, wrapped in tissue, and placed strategically under her pillow.

I was surprised at the lengths my innocent little girl had gone to in order to fool the tooth fairy and claim her prize of money. The tooth looked very real.

I wonder sometimes however how much like this little one I am. Outside I may appear confident and fine, yet inwardly I may go to great lengths to escape God's will or craft my own plan for my life.

For example, I am wanting God to use me. For two years, I have been retired caring for my parents who moved to live near me. Now, after their going home to heaven, I want to return to the work force or at least be used of God.

I have been waiting a year. So far nothing is on the horizon. The economy is bad; I am too old to return to the work force; God can't use me now. These are thoughts I have at least once a day as I impatiently seek His will.

I want to craft a resume; in fact I did. I want to kick open doors and apply for any job out there. In fact, I came close to doing so last week.

Really, though, God is telling me still to wait. Wait for His work. I even had to address my fear, "What if this is it? What if God just wants me to stay at home doing the dreaded, humdrum chores I face daily?" I then had to surrender that to God as well. If that is what He wants, then help me submit.

So, like my daughter, I often lapse into trying to take matters into my own hands, trying to take control. I thank God for His patience with me when I do, and I pray for His reminder that His plans are far better for my eternal life than my own in this temporary one.

Can you relate to any times you have tried to take control of situations rather than release and submit them to God? If so, you and I aren't the only ones, I'm sure. Praise God for His forgiveness and everlasting grace.

For His Glory...

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  1. I'm constantly trying to control! I know God is so tired of hearing me say "not my will but yours...but I do have some good ideas, God". Waiting on Him is so hard for me but I've found He really does have the best plans:)