Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Wrapping Paper

I spent the morning wrapping gifts for Christmas. I saw my mistake during the first Barbie-doll gift wrap.

Cheap wrapping paper.

After measuring and cutting, I placed the box on top of the paper, started to fold it, only to hear the rrrrrrrip of the paper.

Last year, I took time and money to purchase more expensive paper, thick, bright red paper that cut easily and folded over the packages like a dream, with crisp edges.

I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I wasn't.

-But I was committed, so I crunched paper, retaped frequent tears. The packages reminded me of the way I wrapped when I was 10. Nostaligic, but not in a pleasant way.

Later, when I experienced some tough situations during the day, God brought the frustration of the cheap wrapping paper back to my mind. How well I responded to problems in the day depended on how well I was fortified with God's Word. In short, of what stuff I am made or have prepared myself determined my reaction to difficulties.

Like the paper, I can be weak and tear easily, in fact dissolve completely if not fortified. I can't bend or fold or move as God directs. I fight the bending around God's present or plan. the better paper, I can fortify myself with God's Word, with meditation on His love, and be better able to bend, fold, and move the direction HE wants me to go.

One Christian woman shared this morning the testimony of a friend who became blind as a teen unexpectedly. She wrote two words: RESIST REST

She said as she found herself giving up the "I" in her battle, God gave her His REST and Peace.

The inexpensive, weak paper, resisted being folded around the present I had prepared. The fortified paper folded easily, creating a more beautiful gift as a result.

I pray today,as I wait for God's direction, I am able to give up the "I" and rest as well as bend to God's will. Join me in fortifying yourself with God's Word today. The present He has for you as a result will be more beautiful with your participation.

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