Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Mystery of...

Did anyone else fall in love with Nancy Drew mystery books when you were a child? I remember my Aunt Olive, the town librarian, introducing me to the series when I was visiting the library searching for a good book. Little did I know she not only introduced me to the Nancy Drew series but also to the world of "reading for fun."

I remember staying up late at night with a flashlight under my blanket so I could finish the SECRET OF THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE. After fininshing Carolyn Keen's series, I moved on to the Hardy Boys.

To this day, I still love a good mystery book. M.C. Beaton, Charlain Harris,Nancy Atherton, almost any author with a good series will entice me into reading late into the night.

Recently, I have come to think of God as one of the best mystery writers though. When I people watch at the malls, (so easy to to this time of year), I am amazed by all the different shapes, sizes, facial features, languages, and cultures surrounding me. What amazes me even more is the mystery of how God desires a relationship with each person and that HE knows and has a plan for EACH PERSON as well.

Isn't that amazing to you? It certainly is to me. I recall how hard I worked at memorizing each of my 120-150 students' names by the second week of school each fall. As a high school teacher, I knew how crucial it was to teens to be known and remembered by their teachers.

Yet, here we are with the Creator of the Universe who is not just satisfied in creating us, but also KNOWS us as individuals, has a plan for us, and loves us so deeply He wants a relationship with us.

That is certainly a mystery.

What's your favorite genre? As you sit by the fireplace this winter with good reading material in hand, I hope you include the Bible.

Join me in reading about the greatest mystery of all, God's love for us.

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