Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Followers on the Blog have been Deleted!

The irony of this message is that it happened the day I wrote about how our names are permanently written on a white rock in heaven as believers.

Then I noticed all the names of the "Followers" of my devotional blog have been deleted. Going on line, I saw I was not alone. Numerous blogs have experienced permanent loss of followers' names. Followers are also struggling to sign in to such blogs.

I don't know the reason nor the technology to fix this. I have tried.

So now, what do I do? I have been sharing this daily devotional instead of writing a second book. I felt God placed that on my heart.

But now, no one may be able to read this blog, so I write for His glory but to no one who can read this?

It is a conundrum.

Should anyone be able to read this today, I am so glad as Follower of Jesus that my name will never be deleted nor will yours. We have blessed assurance that Jesus loves us, is passionate about us, and is with us.

No delete buttons.
No technical errors.

For His Glory,

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't deleted and am thankful to have this format instead of book form. I can take your msg with me and share it with others whereas I can't whip out a book. It is ironical though your subject and to have names deleted! Good thing Our Lord doesn't rely on technology! He does what He says and we can count on it! Love u, Gretchen and thank you for this ministry!