Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Want to Know Your Future?

OK, I will explain the significance of the two pictures. The one with the ladies sitting at the mall food court just fascinated me.

They were doing Tarot Card readings in the middle of the food court! I watched mesmerized by their serious attention to everything the cards seem to be saying to them.

I did not doubt that a crowd of new customers would soon gather. I mean, most folks want to know their futures, right? Will the move be a good one? Will my job ever get better? Will I ever get a job? Will I get married? Is he the right one? Will healing come soon?

I realized as I watched the ladies intently focusing on the messages from the cards, how God DOES want us to know the future. He wants us to have assurance as well about our future.

Unfortunately for these ladies, it does not come from cards, nor astrology, nor ouija boards, nor seances.

The truth about our future comes from God's Words. Reading Revelation helps one understand there is a future for each of us. Jesus died on the cross so that we could live in health forever with God in heaven. This world is already fallen. Because of sin, we can not have guarantees of a perfect life on this current earth in our current state. Jesus, though, knew this and chose to make atonement for our sins so we could receive new bodies in heaven with Him.

I am rejoicing at His mercy and love for doing that. I heard Michael Yussef speak today on Family Christian Radio along these same lines. He explained the Hebrew word written for prisoners who had served their time and paid their duty to society for their crimes. Tetelestai!

After serving time, the same paper condemning the prisoner to jail or labor would be returned to the judge where the word TETELESTAI would be written. The former prisoner would post this paper on his door so no one could attempt to arrest or abuse him again.

Likewise, Jesus said when He died on the cross for each of our many sins, TETELSTAI! IT is finished! It is Done! The sins are paid for by His innocent sacrifice.

You want to know your future? Just search your heart to see if Jesus dwells there. Is He your Lord? If so, join with me in shouting victoriously, TETELESTAI! When Satan tempts you, when Satan taunts you, when discouragement comes, when condemnation whispers in your ear, shout it, TETELESTAI! Your future is with Jesus because He paid the price once and for all.

OK, now the second picture is a follow-up to my blog about my daughter's sewing class. She finished her first project of a little American Girl Doll coat, and I could not be more proud. She loves sewing! She loves using that big machine, cutting the fabric, putting the needles in, threading, figuring out the patterns, and seeing the results. She told me time flies because she is so absorbed in the fun of the work.

I am praying God shows me such work this year, work that makes time fly, brings not only me joy, but God and others. It is an inbetween time of life as I am an elderly mother retired from work. I want to return to work in some fashion. I want God to use me.

I hope you will join me in prayer for that very thing, the joy of working for God.

In the meantime, TETELESTAI!

For His Glory,

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  1. Congrats, Scout!!! Keep it up! I use to love sewing and often puzzled my mom by wanting to do things that she had no desire to do. And God desires us to be His hands and feet in this world. Such a gift to find what brings us joy! But "elderly"??? Really Gretchen??? I am 9. mnths older than you, Gretchen, and a grandma 3x's but I'm not elderly yet! Maybe next year! Yes, in the meantime that wonderful word, Tetelastai! Jesus paid it all for me too!!! <3