Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye to Facebook? Not sure...

Last night, I watched two more newscasts about how easy it is to breach the security, especially if one uses facebook.

Of course, fear gripped my heart. I then began reflecting on my use of facebook. The primary reason I went on facebook a few years ago was at the insistence of my sister and sister-in-law. They both posted most of their pictures of their families and events on there. One of them told me she would no longer send me e-mail pictures because it was much easier to use facebook, and I just needed to get with the rest of the world and use facebook.

She was right. I was able to see pictures of family miles away much more easily. Now, though, I realize the primary reason I use facebook is to share what God has put on my heart. Do I really need to continue doing this? Is that prompting still from God?

The blog certainly is. God knows my need to write and share. --But does it need to be facebook? What is facebook primarily used for by most folks?

For me, it has been wonderful to connect with a former middle school friend in California, Becky. What an amazing Christian woman! It has been great to share Tabby's healing from cancer as well as to ask for prayer requests.

Yet, I worry. Is facebook a place I seek affirmation? I have that weakness, you know. I have always for some odd reason sought affirmation. It is why I went to graduate school, sought positions of recognition, and probably even write this blog to some degree.

God is really working on that need in my life. My affirmation must come from pleasing Him, from Him, not others. As long as I seek it from others, it will be like a bottomless pit in my soul, never being filled.

So I am praying about this. It may be time to say so long to something that can be somewhat as addictive as my morning coffee, checking facebook.

No matter what, join me in thanking God for His unconditional love and affirmation through Jesus.

For His Glory,


  1. Its been such a blessing to connect with you also! I take my phone over to my dad's and share your encouraging words. Hope you keep on facebook but if not I will have your wonderful blogs! Just wondering, r u still going to have an exchange student? Whatever God is doing I love 2 hear!!!

  2. Hi, Becky! Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad you are feeling better, too! Yes, we are going to have the exchange student from Korea, but we just found out her mother has breast cancer and has not told her children. Lift up Trisha's mother in Korea when God prompts you, please. Give your dad a pat on the back from me, too. :-)