Monday, June 13, 2011

Under His Tent

My husband loves to camp in the woods.
His passion for the outdoors is one of the attributes that first attracted me to him.

I always love going for a walk in the woods.
However, my husband's walks go on for days. The further away from civilization, the better for him.

For me, I will take a day out and then a nice return to a clean hotel room and bathroom facility will do.

When we first married, we could not afford hotels. As starting teachers we enjoyed traveling across the U.S.

Our accommodation? A pup tent much like the one in the picture, not the elaborate one either. KOA campground guides became our "Bible" for travel. We did not care about the weather or the camp site. We just explored as long as the daylight would let us, returning only to our little tent when absolutely necessary.

I can not imagine doing that today. My old bones would not take it. -And no airconditioning for this post menopausal body? Forget it.

Today, I thought about tents again. This morning, taking my daughter to soccer camp, we were dismayed seeing large, cold rain drops plop on our car window. Soon a downpour came.

Trying to fit in a morning at camp, the instructors sent the kids out on the field in the sheets of rain. Worried parents stood on the sidelines with umbrellas.

Soon thunder, then lightning cancelled the morning camp session. Drenched children and agitated parents filed back to cars and home to figure out the day's summer activity schedule.

We could have used a tent, I thought. I nice, big tent. Even for the hot, humid sun when it returns. A tent would provide shelter from storms as well as intense sun.

I opened my Bible after putting soccer clothes in the dryer and read much to my surprise Revelation 7:17,"....those who believe are under His tent...."

I like that. I like being under God's protective tent. My body may be beaten up by the aging process or disease, but my soul is eternally under His tent.

--And that tent, Dear Reader, is not like the little pup tent my husband and I depended upon as we travelled across the country. It is God's tent.

I picture it much more suitable for caring and love and shelter than anything I have imagined,even more than the elaborate tent pictured at the top.

Thank you, Jesus, for your tent of love over each of us today!

For His Glory,

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