Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Foot on Land and One on the Sea...

Did I tell you how amazing Revelation is? I know. I am being repetitive, but I am learning so much...or at least discovering how much I did not know.

For example, have you ever heard of the Colossus of Rhodes? My husband, a former history teacher, had. It wasn't until I read in Revelation 10 about the giant angel coming with one foot on the land and one on the sea before opening yet another seal for the end times that I saw a reference to this Wonder of the Ancient World.

It appears it was the statue of the Greek god, Helios on the island of Rhodes. It was 107 feet tall supposedly. When John wrote about the angel appearing with this scroll of the end times, many of his readers probably pictured this Colossus statue. The statue was later destroyed by an earthquake (or so some scholars report).

The voice of the giant angel sounded to John like seven thunders. I let my imagination go to the image of such an enormous creature.

It was frightening! I rarely have let myself go past figurative language in Revelation to thinking of actual creatures sent by God for the end times. The sight in my mind was horrific.

In addition, the other night our house literally shook or vibrated from the rolling thunder we experienced with yet another wave of nighttime storms. Our bed actually shook awakening even my deeply snoring-nothing-ever-wakes-him-up-husband!

For those of you used to earthquakes, we MidWesteners are not accustomed to being awkakened at 2:00 AM with vibrating homes. The thunder was so deep it seemed to engulf our home!

I tried to imagine having a giant angel speak in such a thunderous voice. This sight is more intimidating than any Hollywood movie.

Then I felt peace. I read where God would not let His wrath pour out on those marked as His believers. God did not send us Revelation to frighten us as believers, but to help us remember to stay watchful, to understand HE is in control, and He has us in the palm of His hand.

In the slience.
In the thunder.

God will not withhold His judgment on evil. He will not let sin go unpunished.
So I prayed today, "Come, Jesus, come!" When He does, evil will be defeated. The happy ending to our stories in Christ will be finally revealed for all to see and hear!

As we wait for that day, may we keep our feet planted firmly on God's Word and watch for His return.

No earthquake to shake our faith. No need of a Colossus to remind us of who is in control.

For His glory,

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