Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My 10-yr. old daughter and I are reading Daniel this summer.

While I remember the story from my Sunday School childhood days, I am seeing parts that truly surprise me and apply to more areas of my life than I thought possible.

(Isn't that the way the Bible is, though? God's Word touches our lives where we are at the moment of reading it.)

Today, we read about Meschach, Shadrach, and Abendigo refusing to bow down to Nebachanezur's 90+foot gold statue. We know that the king became angry and declared they would be burned in the fiery furnace he had built as a result.

Even when facing this choice, the three young men made a surprising declaration.

They declared that their God could save them, BUT if He chose not to do so, they would still not bow down!

Whoa! I seemed to have missed that part as a child. My daughter and I talked about the choice of still obeying and loving God when it looks like no rescue will come.

That is the most difficult decision to make, isn't it? As a Christian, I like to think I get extra privileges for safety and healing because of my relationship with God.

What do I do when I don't see a rescue though? Am I determined and strong enough in my faith like these three young men to say, "NO MATTER WHAT THE FIRE DOES, I'M HIS!"?

Recently, my sister-in-law Tabby had this same experience. You may recall her from previous blogs. She went through the fire of liver and colon cancer. Her healing was miraculous.

That was a few months ago. Suddenly, she began experiencing pain in the same area again. Blood test were required.

She had to wait all weekend and through Monday for the results. Those of you who have had tests, know the pain and fear that come with waiting for results. She had restless nights, but kept her focus on God. The fire surrounded her in the dark, quiet nights as others slept in her home and she struggled with the fear of returning cancer.

She declared once again, "Please, remove this from my body, but if it is not your will, be with me. Hold me. Give me peace."

No matter what the results of the fire, God was with her.

And...once again, good news! Her blood test results are even better than before she stopped chemo!

The pain is still there. More tests will take place to determine that cause, but we continue to pray for healing and relief from pain.

What fire are you going through today? Loss of job, stress, disease, loneliness, depression?

God is with you through your fire. Make a choice to stand with God, won't you, no matter what the results of that fire? Stand firm. Put on the whole armor of God. Keep your helmet of salvation on as your thoughts try to turn to darkness and fear.

The God of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abendigo as well as the God of Tabby, the God of so many other witnesses (Hebrews 12) who have gone before, is standing in the fire with you.

For His Glory,

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