Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knows No Boundaries...yet!

Early this morning, my daughter and I took advantage of the St. Louis free zoo. Arriving between 8 and 9, we were allowed free admission to see and pet the stingrays and SHARKS!

It was a morning adventure to be sure. Feeling the velvet-like backs of the stingrays as they brushed against our flat palms was thrilling. Likewise, the silky sharks' skin reminded us of swimming with dolphins earlier this summer.

Encouraged by our experience, we even tried feeding the rays. Holding shrimp pieces between the index and next finger while trying to keep my palm flat was a coordination test, but feeling the soft suction of the ray's mouth was worth it!

Just as we were about to leave, an announcement came telling the audience NOT to touch the baby rays they were now allowing to come out to swim with the larger ones. Much to our surprise one baby kept trying to suction his way up the side of the tank to us tempting us for a little pet. We did not do so, but it was funny to see his beady eyes and little body struggle toward our perch.

One of the trainers came over and reminded us not to touch because he was getting so close to our perch. I asked why in the world would he try to come up and out of the water?

She said, "He is a baby and just hasn't learned his boundaries yet. But he will. He is going to grow up like the large ones gliding on the bottom of the ocean."

While we chuckled at the little pup, as she called him, I was reminded of how often we, as Christians, refuse God's boundaries. The little pup was meant to glide along the ocean floor so beautifully, so smoothly, so swiftly, but here he was flopping and flapping awkwardly, wasting his time trying to climb the side of the tank.

Not only was he awkward in doing so, he was moving closer and closer to danger. Toddlers' chubby little hands waited to grab him, not knowing of the hurt that could result. Car keys, sharp objects, and just plain ol' lack of water also were over the ledge.

We often wonder at God's boundaries in our life, too, not knowing the benefits God has planned for us with His boundaries. God set boundaries not because He wants to spoil our fun, as our preacher pointed out last Sunday in church. He did so out of love. We are meant to glide with Christ, smoothly, flowing in His love. God's Word provides boundaries for us to keep us healthy, safe, and in relationship with Him.

I pray today I am not as foolish as the little sting ray pup, but I know I can easily become that way, awkwardly pushing metaphorical doors and windows open in life, trying to do things MY way, seeking control.

Reading God's Word, helps me swim in God's Living Waters and enjoy His presence. I hope you join me in enjoying God's boundaries today.

For His Glory,

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  1. Love James McDonald's Walk in the Word's quote "When God says don't He means don't hurt yourself ' Yes we are all like those silly pups at one time or another!