Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spaghetti Tacos

My daughter came home the other afternoon asking for spaghetti tacos!

This may not be unusual for those of you familiar with the popular iCarly teenage sitcom.

-But my daughter is known for being one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met! I even attended an Oprah show about how to get your kids to eat....not just eat healthy food, but eat!

Lately, I have noticed she is trying to eat other types of food other than Ramen Noodles or Stir Fry Rice. She does not like hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, milk, cereal, and any green vegetable no matter how well I disguise them.

Now, to my amazement, she comes home from a visit to a friend's house asking for spaghetti tacos. Later that day, she asks to sample my steamed broccoli!

With her serious 10-year old face, trying to look and act so much older than her years, she announces to my surprised reaction, "Mom, I like to try new things."

There is a silence of about five seconds before she cautiously adds, "Depending on what they are."

I can't help but break into laughter at the irony and also the relief of seeing my daughter's true nature returning.

I am reminded of my own naive responses though to God.

I often tell Him I will trust Him...

depending upon the situation, of course.

I hope He finds me amusing instead of so disappointing.

My daughter and I read Jonah's story this week as we continue our morning devotions together during the non rushed summer days.

I was struck how Jonah was so angry at God for not destroying Ninevah, how he did not rejoice over the people's repentance to God.

Jonah even told God, "I knew this would happen because you are a compassionate God, slow to anger."

Jonah wanted God to be like he was. He tried to define God by his human standards. He wanted revenge on Ninevah.

Instead of being grateful that God had delivered Jonah from the sea, from the sea monster, and from death...

Instead of being grateful the people of Ninevah actually listened to Jonah's warnings about God's wrath...

Instead of being in wonder at God's mercy in sparing the city as a result...

Jonah becomes angry and bitter.

God still showed His compassion even to Jonah in trying to teach Jonah about God's view and love of His most precious Creation, mankind.

Yes, like my daughter, I may naively say, "I want to trust God...depending on the situation."

I am glad He is a compassionate God. Slow to anger and forgiving and merciful. I am counting on that mercy today.

In the meantime, I might try a bite of that taco...

For His Glory,

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