Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supplies: The Real Test is Finding What is on The Teachers' Lists!


I just spend two hours in Target and Walmart searching for the dreaded school supplies from the teachers' lists!

Yes, it is already that time!

Can anyone tell me, though, why teachers (and yes, I was a former teacher, but thankfully never did this to parents) have things on their lists no one supplies?

Here are a few examples:
1) Five packets of 200-count wide-ruled paper.
They are only sold in packets of 150 count. College-ruled paper comes in counts of 200, of course.

2) Solid-color pocket folders in SPECIFIC colors.
Have you seen the 60's psychedelic covers? The 60's and 70's covers abound along with Hello Kitty, Monkey, ICarley....

3) Solid-color pocket folders with clips, three-holes- AND pockets in SPECIFIC COLORS!

4) 2-Subject notebooks.
They come in single subject, 3-subject, and 5 subject. Good luck finding a 2-subject notebook.

5) Red pens, ERASABLE ONLY.
Are you kidding me?

6) Red pens, non erasable.
OK I can relate to that one.

7) Pencil boxes: only 1" high and 2" wide, please.

8) Magazine holders no wider than 2.5 inches.

Need I say more?

...and the list continues.

It was humorous to watch me in the aisle cheering over each "found" item on the lists. Last year, I had waited until the second week in August to buy the supplies, and I ended up running from Office Max, Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, and raiding our home for anything resembling what was on the list. This year, I was determined to get there while supplies were plentiful.

I entered the SCHOOL SUPPLY section just as they were unboxing the wide-ruled paper.

I felt ecstatic thinking I was finding "treasures" I had missed out on last year for my daughter's first day of school. I would grab the required GREEN subject notebook, only to find when checking my list that it had to be a TWO-SUBJECT NOTEBOOK. Of course, no such thing existed at Target or WalMart. I settled for a yellowish, THREE-subject notebook hoping it would suffice.

I have sorted and labeled according to directions and have both of my daughters ready for 4th and 6th grade (other than the new shoes and clothes, of course).

I feel I passed some kind of annual rite of passage as a parent. Did I follow the directions so my daughter would not be embarrassed? Did I get the 160 count Kleenex box and not the 130-count supply required? Did I get the 32-count color pencils, self-sharpening crayons, super-glue-stick, enough pencil erasers, right-shaped backpack that is not too flashy but not too plain and heaven-forbid, not too "childish" as well?

And I have to tell you, part of me resented standing in the store aisle, sweating over this list of "required" supplies for school. I just don't like being told not only do I have to buy this stuff, but WHAT COLOR, SIZE, SHAPE, and STYLE to buy.

I know; it is silly to feel that way.

Then I return home to my Bible study time. As I near the end of my summer goal in studying Revelation, I read with joy chapter 20.

The Millineum! 1000 years of God's rule on earth.

I am surprised though that at the end of this chapter, Satan is allowed to be free one last time.

More surprising, people actually FOLLOW SATAN after experiencing God's rule of peace on earth! People actually join up with Satan to fight God.

I remember something my Dad told me. He told me, as people who are used to democracy, we need to prepare for serving under a KING when we are finally with God. God will RULE. He will not take a vote on what to do about Satan or evil. He already has HIS plan.

The difference, of course, is that God will rule out of love and care for what is best for us, unlike earthly kings and rulers.

Yet, it will be, as my Dad said, RULING. God will be IN CHARGE. In fact, He has been in charge all along. His plan has been played out throughout the centuries, not man's.

I guess not everyone can take that reality: being told what to do even when it is good for you. We like to be in control, or at least think we are.

So I guess during that 1000 years of no war, no terrible diseases, there will be people who resent being told how things are going to be. They resist anything on God's list, and then they will rebel, revealing their true hearts and attitudes.

When the Millineum is over and Satan is bound forever, no more to tempt, lie, murder, accuse, then we receive a new earth.

The book of judgment is open, and rewards are given. Those of us who believe in Jesus have the joy of living with Him forever. Those who believe and have served Him so well, sacrificing all, receive even greater rewards on top of eternal life with Him.

That part of Revelation has made me check my own list once more. It is not a school supply list this time. It is a spiritual list.

What have I done for Jesus lately?

Not so I can gain reward, but so I can show Him my thanks.

I find I come up short on that list.

It is time to get busy.

Join me, won't you?

For His Glory,

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