Friday, July 15, 2011

Warning: Possible Side Effects!

Recently I had to get a prescription for a cyst that grew on my finger joint.

"Yuck!" you think? Not something you needed to think about today?

It is really nothing compared to what I read while taking the prescription pills though!

I mean have you ever read the possible side effects they print on medications? It is enough to make one rethink even trying to take the drug to help cure a disease!

Likewise, the Bible provides many warning about the side effects of our actions.

This morning my daughter and I read about Samson. What a story! The guy definitely had a temper problem, didn't he?

Even though he was dedicated for God's service as a Nazarite, Samson's pride interferred with his mission and his own prosperity as a result.

Before meeting Delilah, Samson chose a wife his parents preferred him not to marry. She was a Philistine and not one who loved God. During the wedding feast, Samson bragged and put forth a dangerous bet among her people, causing his new wife's family to be threatened. After she betrayed Samson, he gave her away for awhile.

Returning later to his wife's family, Samson expected her to rejoin him without any problem. Revenge and fights broke out as a result. Many people died.

Seems like Samson would have learned a lesson, but he continues in his pride when he meets Delilah (Judges 18).

Although our actions are not as extreme as Samson's, how often does my pride get in the way of service to God? How often do I wish revenge on the person cutting in line in traffic or at a store or Starbucks or the boss at work who seems not to care about employees or the person whose service at the restaurant wasn't just right?

The side effects of even our small acts of disobeying God can rob us of an abundant life.

Praise God that He is so compassionate and willing to forgive once we confess our sins.

And even like Samson, God uses us even when we stray for His glory,

if we let Him.

May we do so today...

For His Glory,

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