Monday, July 25, 2011

A Safe Port (al)

She was nervous.

-Yet she wanted to let her husband know how much she appreciated the thought behind his gift.

The gift of a massage after a year of battling liver cancer sounded like a great idea after all.

A spa weekend getaway after all she had been through was wonderful.


She still had the portal in her for the chemo-radiation treatments. Surgery would come next month to remove it. After a tormenting visit to the doctor to try to remove it as out-patient, the doctor informed her the scar tissue would not let the portal budge and surgery was required.

She was nervous. Would the masseuse react with disgust at the portal? Would she be able to administer the massage with the portal?

She was torn.

Not wanting to upset the massuese...

Not wanting to disappoint her husband who had bought this special spa package for her...

So she prayed.

Going into the spa, she anxiously explain her situation.

Smiling the massuese said she understood completely and...

showed her that she, too, had her own portal for cancer treatments!

Isn't that just like God?

He sends the right person at the right time when we need that special encouragement to know He cares and is with us.

What are the chances, the odds that a cancer patient with a portal would travel to the mountains for a spa treatment and have a massuese who also was going through cancer with a portal?

Needless to say, the massage made her feel special. With her body's strength returning, my sister-in-law, Tabby, relaxed as never before, knowing once again, she is constantly in God's hands.

Share this, won't you? Someone may need to know God is with her/him even in small things; He understands how we feel, and oh, how He loves us! He is our safe port in our daily struggles.

For His Glory,

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! As I was reading, I was hoping it was Tabby! God never fails to shine in our darkness!