Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's in a Name? A Rose by any other...

O.K. I seem to be on a water-creature theme this month. Dolphins, sharks, sting rays, and now the fish caption.

My husband sent it to me because my daughter enjoys Batman cartoons lately.

Go figure.

Looking at the cartoon though, the fear of the fish reminded me of the sermon I heard on Family Christian radio today. I just caught the tail-end of the message.

The speaker asked what was the listener's name? After a poignant pause, he named the following options, "Fear, Anger, Bitterness, Disappointment, Resentment...."

I thought once again of the new names we are given in heaven once we ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. Remember Revelation where our new name is written on a white rock? (see previous blog about Hawaii)

The lecturer then encouraged listeners to give up their old names, confess those names to Jesus, and let His new name take root in our hearts.

I realized my tendency to hold onto my fears and disappointments in life can cloud the joy of my freedom in Christ. I used to fear death. Strange to do so as Christian, I know. After holding each of my parents as they slipped from this earth, I do not have that fear any more.

I do fear, instead, loneliness. If you knew me, you'd find that even more strange. I used to crave being alone. I loved getting away from my family and being on my own when I was young. As a former principal, I longed to go some place where folks would not recognize me and want to discuss school or life problems or even worse, politics.

Now, I am retired. I long to be with people. I love being around folks. I like hearing about their lives. I have seen too many nursing home rooms where no one visits, no one calls, and no one writes. I have seen loneliness.

So, I had to pray today upon that realization. I gave Jesus my old name of "fear of loneliness" to Him. I confessed not trusting Him as I age and face life's uncertainties.

What is your hidden name you hold in your heart, Dear Reader? Are you free from the things Satan can use to hold you back in enjoying God's freedom?

Like the fish in the cartoon, I hope to God...

And unlike the fish...I hope you are free from are free indeed.

For His Glory,

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  1. Great cartoon and thought provoking words! Something to chuckle over and much more to contemplate!