Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Grandchildren?

Yesterday at Starbucks, I ran into a woman I had not seen for over 15 years. How she recognized me with my now bleached blond hair to cover the gray, sagging skin, and aging face, I will never know, but she did.

As we talked, she shared with me that she now has 11 grandchidren!

ELEVEN! We are close to the same age. I introduced her to my 10-year old daughter.

As I drove home, I started trying to calculate if I will be alive long enough to see my daughter's chidren. I asked God to let me have that joy of seeing them if it is His will. I know my own mother had a profound impact on my daughter in my mother's last year and a half of life. Even with Parkinson's and in her late 80's, my mother could make my adopted daughter feel special as they played dominoes and joked.

I have no doubt that had my mother been healthy she would have enjoyed spoiling my daughter immensely.

Then I heard something a bit startling to me on Family Christian Radio.

There are no grandchildren with God.

I had just never thought of it that way before, had you?

God has no grandchildren. He does not get the relief of handing one of us younger, weaker, less mature Christians over to someone else when tired of watching over us. He does not get to spoil us and let someone else worry about the repercussions of doing so.

Once we commit to His sovereignty and submit to His Lordship in our lives, we are His.


A huge commitment on His part. To love so many as first-born and never to see us as grandchidren or great-grandchildren or great-great--

We are His.

Directly in line to His grace, love, mercy...and all that goes with Him.

For His Glory,

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