Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Mother's Tears

The change of temperature in the MidWest brings on my annual closet-cleaning, clothes-tossing ritual. This morning, while preparing my closet for the fall/winter season, and determining which clothes just finally HAD to go (I was never going to be that small in my lifetime again), I was struck by the fact I was experiencing absolutely no hint of headache pain! The past several weeks have had me waking up with a terrible vice-like grip and throb and, after complaining to my doctor with no respose, I just have been dealing with it throughout the day. Since seeing the optometrist, though, I was starting to have the degree of pain diminish. (I am giving the new contacts about 10 days before deciding to request an MRI.)

Holding a 20-year old sweater in mid air, deciding it was time for Good Will (like my dad, I hate to let things go), it hit me. No throb, no vice-like grip, no pain!

I fell to my knees crying in joy and thanking God for His mercy. Even as I prayed, I kept telling myself to take it easy and not bring on a headache from crying so much.

Suddenly, I flashed back to my childhood. Every morning, my mother would pause from her housework and go into the back bedroom to kneel down and pray by the bed.

I remember waiting in the hallway, listening to her prayers. Often she would cry, and I would become scared or worried. She assured me everything was well, and often her tears were tears of joy.

As a child, I just didn't get that. I never cried from happiness. Giggled, yes. Sobbed? No.

So today as I knelt by my own bed and cried to God my thanksgiving in between my seasonal chore of closet cleaning, I understood my mother's tears.

What a wonderful heritage to have, a memory from my mother: an image of her delighting in the Lord, talking to Him, crying over His grace.

Thanks, Mom. Because of that image, I have another one of her living with Jesus and working for Jesus in heaven. I pray my own daughter has memories of a mother who walks and talks with Christ as well.

How about you? What images have you been creating for those around you today? For His Glory? I pray so...


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