Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warning! You May Be on a Reality TV Show!

Last weekend, I saw an unusual sign in a restaurant window. See if you have ever seen one like this:

Warning! By entering this establishment you agree to be filmed....

The establishment was Sweetie Pies Restaurant in St. Louis. It had been featured on a Diners/Dives show, I believe. My brother visiting from Colorado had heard about it and sought it out. He waxed eloquent when describing the BBQ and various side dishes while listening to Rhythm and Blues live music. We drove by there to see what it was like and saw the sign.

I popped out of my car and had to have a closer look. What in the world were they talking about? I bravely asked a stranger jogging by.

She told me that from what she heard the establishment was going to have a reality television show starting in the fall, and anyone who walked in and ate there had to know in advance they were being filmed.

I envisioned how my table manners might change knowing that or even how my attire that day would have been altered as well.

Of course I was reminded how we are already on God's reality television show daily. Others watch us and decide whether or not they see God in us or just hypocrisy. I am ashamed to admit I really did not demonstrate God on Saturday morning to some stranger while visiting the Chidren's Museum in St. Louis.

With 104 record temperature, we were at a loss as to what to do to entertain our out-of-town guest as well as my 10-year old. We needed something indoors for all of us. The Children's Museum is an amazing place where artists have created hidden passageways in walls, floors and art objects. It is hard to describe to adults who have not ventured there.

These pictures try to capture the sculptures and mazes in the ceilings and walls children (and thin adults) climb through during their visits. As the morning continued, the crowds became thicker and thicker, and my anxiety increased with my daughter disappearing in and out of walls. To top it off, a migraine ensued. My vision became blurry and my head began to pound.

Trying to snap a phone camera shot of my visiting cousin (on the whale fin in the picture) a lady kept walking back and forth in front of me. I asked her to wait just a second, but she continued back and forth, back and forth. Finally, I snapped the shot just as she blurred past. She turned and said, "Sorry," just as I was shaking my head in disgust. Then she proceeded to berate me wherever I turned to take another picture because I was shaking my head.

I don't know what came over me, perhaps the heat, the noise, the migraine, but I actually started to go over and tell her off! I then caught myself. How embarrassing! How was this acting like a child of God to this stranger? Too late, she had gone by the time I recognized I was on yet a different Reality TV series. My manners were not God-like either.

I have plenty of excuses, yet none of them work. The bottom line is that I am entering an establishment every morning and am on God's camera. I pray next time, I do not embarrass Him or myself....

For His Glory,

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