Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bah, Humbug! or God Heal Me!

I know. It is early to have a Christmas picture on the blog.
I don't have any Thanksgiving pictures, though. This picture from last year is my home the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.

For those of you who think Christmas is rushed, please, realize you will not find me in your supportive corner.

I love this holiday so much that I will stretch it out as long as possible. After Halloween, I was delighted to turn on my cable radio programing to find Sounds of the Seasons had started playing Christmas music!

The music is so beautiful!
It is the only time of year when a person can go to the mall, to a restaurant, anywhere and hear music that celebrates our season of Hope. Think about it.

No other holiday has music all people must listen to no matter where they are. I have actually heard people complain about having to hear Christmas music. Puzzled, I can not relate since it only happens once a year.

For me, Christmas joy has been passed on through my family. My MaMaw (grandmother) enjoyed having the family over Christmas Eve for dinner, gifts, and the best part, opening the stockings. My mother decorated her home and trees with tasteful themes after Thanksgiving. Our small, two-bedroom home turned into a magical place with twinkling lights and the smell of evergreen.

Later in life, after I married and after my grandparents died, I often hosted Thanksgiving for my parents. My brother who lived in Colorado brought his family to the MidWest to celebrate Thanksgiving. Knowing we would not see each other at Christmas, I decorated my home ahead of time. Tree, lights, garlands were all out as children and siblings gathered together once a year.

While stressful trying to cook for fifteen people and also have them stay overnight, I loved the NOISE. My home was filled with laughter and music and conversation for three days.

Now as I prepare my first Thanksgiving without my parents, I face a small Thanksgiving meal. It will just be my husband, daughter, cousin, and I.

I admit I am sad.

My traditional scurry of putting up the tree and decorating the house crosses my mind now as a bittersweet memory. I can not even imagine trying to get the Christmas decorations out now.

I miss my parents and the ability they had to draw the rest of us together.

I know. It is now time for new traditions in my life, yet it is hard to say good-bye to the old.

For my daughter's sake, I must think of new ways to celebrate the up-coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. (If you have traditions you wish to share, please, do.)

What memories will my daughter have as she thinks back on her holiday times when she is an adult? That is what I am going to focus upon this holiday season.

I can choose my attitude, "Bah, Humbug!" or "God Heal my Broken Heart and help me celebrate YOU this season!"

I am praying for healing.

So, as I turn on my pre-Thanksgiving-holiday music, I hope you will join me in praying for a season of healing from loss and for a time of celebration of Christ's great love.


  1. I once heard a preacher say imagine Jesus looking down on all the Christmas lights and decorations and says"wow all of this for my birthday"

  2. I like that comment, just not ready for him to blow out the lights quite yet...:-)