Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick Football Play by Driscoll Middle School

O.K. By now you know about the amazing video clip of the Driscoll middle school football team, don't you?
Even my husband who doesn't youtube often came home talking about it. (Did I just use youtube as a verb?) Seeing the player surprise the opposing team by just walking through the line instead of hiking as usual was quite a shock. It was a completely unexpected trick play. Too late, the players realized the trick and started chasing him. He was too far. The goal was his.

Besides fun to watch the video is a great reminder that life brings us unexpected events. Satan does as well.

The old cliche, "Expect the Unexpected," is a hard one to do daily. I get comfortable in my daily routines, where I sit at church, the road I use driving my daughter to school....

How then can we prepare for Satan's "trick plays?"

Keep our eyes on Jesus, our hearts open to the Spirit, and our minds on the Word.

In the meantime, enjoy life, while realizing the unexpected is part of our fallen world. Trust in Jesus to see you through it.

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