Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Great View!

Binoculars, what a wonderful, simple invention! No matter where your seats are, let's say the Salena Gomez concert, you can still see the performance up close. This is what my daughter discovered in August as we sat in the LAST row of a huge stadium.

I have to admit though that in spite of binoculars we did inch our way down the stands as seats closer to Selena became available. (So many teens standing at the stage, giving up the comfort of their seats, I guess.)

Why did we do that? We had binoculars to see her. Thanks to a great sound system, we could hear her, too.

There was something about being closer that made the concert more PERSONAL to my daughter. Being closer to the performer's presence made a difference in her degree of enjoyment.

You know where I am headed, don't you? Forgive the obvious metaphor, but isn't it true about our relationship with God?

We can keep our distance and believe in Him just fine. -Yet there is something more significant about drawing closer to Him, more personal.

God wants us to enjoy Him, to find satisfaction in Him, to know and understand Him. It is harder to do that from a distance, isn't it?

The more I read His word, the more I am convinced God is good. The more I listen to Him, the more I understand He truly loves me. Even when life is not treating my family well, I am learning to trust in God's purpose.

I also learn my binoculars of life have a limited view. There is my perspective based upon experiences and heredity, and as someone shared recently, there is GOD'S VIEW. When using the binoculars, I don't see the entire stage, just one spot. Keeping God at a distance, limits my view of His love and purpose.

Reading His Word, the Bible, daily helps me get close and personal to my Creator.

Won't you put down your binoculars today with me and edge closer to God? I assure you, you will enjoy the view.

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