Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THE Vote

Yes, I voted.
Yes, I fell asleep waiting for the ten o'clock news results.
Waiting for the voting results was too hard for me after a tough day and a night of helping my daughter with homework.

As I waited though, I was reminded of two points made by our pastor last Sunday:
1) Don't become disconnected from your government (vote)
2) Don't expect the government to solve your problems

As a public school teacher for many years, I truly believed education was the answer to the world's problems. If we could only get all children educated, the environment would be different. Then, I saw teens tossing litter out of their cars as they drove off campus after school. These very teens had studied environmental issues that day.

Many also believe if we can change the environment, the world will be better. Better housing is certainly a goal and important. Yet, I found my toughest school in which to teach was the most affluent school. One parent told me never to ask her teen to pick up his lunch tray at noon because they hire servants to do that at home. She would rather send the servant, yet after all, I was the public servant and she paid my salary. Hence I should pick up his food and trash after he left the table.

Government elections, education, the environment are all important issues. We should not disconnect from them. However, trusting that the world will be healed as a result will lead to disappointment.

The only healing for our country comes from turning back to God.

He is waiting for our vote today.

I hope you voted with me for Him this morning.

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