Thursday, November 11, 2010


Have you played Bunco yet? Last night was my first experience moving through the pyramid of winning and losing.
What a test of God's direction for me to break free from being independent and telling me to reach out to more people!
I spent three hours will wonderful women in a neighborhood eight blocks from my home. I only knew one person there, AND I did not know anything about the game.

Right before I left home to join the group, the old waves of dread started sweeping over me. I looked longingly at my books, my television set, my comfortable couch as the evening skies grew dark.

Yet, God reminded me to reach outside my comfort bubble.

He was right. I had a chance to witness while playing. I enjoyed listening to other women's stories as well.

As I played, I found out that these women had been meeting for nine years. The reason they started playing Bunco was their realization that while they all lived in the same neighborhood, they did not know each other.

Playing the random game of dice gave impetus to opportunities to become acquainted. They talked about the latest news in the neighborhood: gas line trouble on certain streets, the new park being built, the loss of family members by a neighbor, the new dog on the street....

It was a bonding time because of conversations and time together.

I appreciated being included.

I enjoyed it and not just because I won two prizes.

How much more does my Heavenly Father enjoy time we give him?
How much more does God long for our conversations?
What prizes do we take with us as a result of spending time with God?
Just talking to him about the daily things of life as well as the huge events helps us bond with Him.

The prize is a relationship with the Creator.


I hope you win today.


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