Thursday, November 18, 2010

My How You've Changed!

This morning I noticed my daughter's pants now fit. I had bought them one month ago and in dismay found they were too long.
Instead of trying to hem the pants, I suggested she wear thick-soled shoes. (I know; I'm a terrible mom.)
Today, as she walked by me in the kitchen I saw she had on flats and her pant legs were perfect.
I didn't notice the growth spurt she had experienced over the past few days because I see her daily.

Today I read that the human body replaces every cell in seven years. Bone cells take about ten years.
When someone says, "You've changed," most likely she is correct! To what degree is the primary question.

I am glad to say I am also experiencing a spiritual change.
Thank goodness it doesn't take seven years for Christ to transform us, yet paradoxically, our transformation never finishes until we join Him in heaven.
He does it daily as we renew our minds and focus on His Word.

To what degree have we changed spiritually? I believe that depends upon how much time we choose to spend with Him.

So, have you changed? How much?

And yes, that is MY baby picture in the photo.
I pray I do not remain a baby in Christ as I feed on His Word and Love today.
May He continue to change me spiritually.
I pray the same for you.


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