Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The First Thanksgving Without...

Today's blog will be short.
"About time!," you are thinking, right?

I just received a call. My only guest for Thanksgiving, my Dad's nephew, is not coming because of bad weather.

I understand driving in bad weather, and I do not fault him at all for being cautious.

-But it hit me. This is my FIRST THANKSGIVING without my Mom and Dad and my extended family. (My mother is pictured above with my daughter at a previous Thanksgiving celebration.)
After many Thanksgivings preparing for my parents and brother and his family, no one other than my husband, daughter and I will be feasting.

I feel a bit sick to my stomach about it to be honest.

Not that I don't appreciate my husband and daughter.

It will be just so quiet.

And yes, I invited friends, but they have their own families and extended family members coming.

So I have all of this turkey and food that I always bought or prepared in the past.
I am looking at it and thinking, "What in the world?! Why did I do this?"

I know why.
My dad loved good food. Thanksgiving was his favorite time of year.
I loved providing for him and for Mom.
That is why my fridge is full.

I realize now I have to let it go.
This is new territory for me today.

I am crying as I write, yet rejoicing knowing God understands and will walk me through this.

Thank you for taking time to read this little blog. Perhaps God has something you can share with me on grief during the holidays.
Or perhaps you just know you are not alone in feeling a bit blue during this time.

Either way, God is with us. God is good.
I am thankful for good memories, my little family, and a storehouse of blessings in heaven.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sometimes this season brings out the sorrows of our lives. We miss beloved family members and friends that have gone on before us. I'm so thankful you have good memories to share around your table! And you are blessed with a precious daughter and husband:)